Selecting and using only available materials Quality and care in every step. Work from valuation Visit the work page Give advice on making decisions Take care of transportationand installation on site in detailThe company does built-ins for houses,Condominium, restaurant, officeBuilt-in by skilled and experienced technicians. With a standard price that you can trust


Our team of experts will walk you through every step of the design process, ensuring that the final product meets your expectations.


You could make wood furniture specify to style, color and material what you wish. With our experience team in wood furniture and spaces you have every dream of.


Product sourcing we specialize in a wide range of the thai goods including, but not limited to furniture, handicrafts, thai silk as well a home decorate. Buying Agency Acting as your buying agent, we will go out of our way the provide you with a complete service covering every step from manufacturer to delivery to your door, exactly what you specified.


The company is considering reducing work in the workplace. Installed in order to affect the living space of customers as little as possible Therefore, we have tried to createThe fastest in installation and storageThe team will prepare every piece of work properly.from our factory Both from painting, polishing, adding on. Every piece will be well wrapped with protective equipment. Bump together with the clamping device so that the workpiece does not have Impact while movingWe transport with the company's transportation vehicles that have standards.Closed and safe

When employees arrive at the installation location will protectSo that work does not affect other parts of the house.carefully Then begin assembling the pieces according to the drawing.along with checking for completeness in every step When the installation is completeThe employee will check the work again.along with keeping the work more perfectTo prepare to deliver work to live with home and family.your next

Export & Import

We handle packing and we provide export documentation and the most competitive and reliable sea and air freight forwarding.